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Update by user Jan 07

AX Auto scheduled an appointment with their service department to look at my car on 1/8/2019.

Original review posted by user Dec 19, 2018

I purchased my vehicle from AX Auto late August of 2018. This was a 2017 vehicle with less than 6000 miles and still under the 50000 factory warranty.

The car was in a wreck and the airbag deployed prior to me. However, my airbag sensor light started coming on in November and I finally got a dealership to diagnose it. I was told my airbag was wired wrong and that if I was to have an accident my steeling wheel air bag would not deploy. This means I have been risking my life for 4 months against my own will.

Lastly, my passenger side fog light has moisture in it which was noticed during the colder month. The light was never repaired after the accident AX Auto just used the same broken part.

Now my factory warranty has been voided on my steeling wheel airbag and passengers side fog light. This was my first time purchasing a new car and I am disturbed the company cares more about making money than putting my life at jeopardy.

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